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African Diaspora in India-The Siddis 10.01.2021
A South East Asian kingdom in India-The Ahom Dynasty 19.04.2020
Abelam People of the Sepik River-Tribes of Papau New Guinea 21.10.2019
Living with the Babongo Pygmies of Central Africa in Gabon 28.05.2019
Fire Temple of Azerbaijan: Hindu-Zoroastrian Fire worship 30.12.2018
Hypogeum- Subterreanean burials of Neolithic people, Malta 18.07.2018
A night with a Headhunting Tribe in their Longhouse- Borneo 30.05.2018
Blood sport in the Coliseum at Thysdrus,Tunisia circa 200 AD 29.03.2018
Crocodile initiation ceremony, Sepik River, Papua New Guinea 25.12.2017
Burial& Exhumation customs of the Malagasy people,Madagascar 21.08.2017
Madagascar- A Paradise in Retreat...............Ramdas Iyer 09.06.2017
Meditating my way along the Silk Route and Holy India. 20.08.2016
In the Footsteps of The Beatles to Rishikesh, India 06.03.2016
Congo- A Traveler's review of its Brutal and Bloody History 23.01.2016
Congo- A Traveler's review of its Brutal and Bloody History 23.01.2016
Of Mines and Men in the Alaskan Wilderness, Alaska 20.09.2015
Kazan: Legendary city of Genghis Khan's Golden Horde 16.07.2015
Searching for Oriental carpets along the Silk Routes of Iran 29.06.2015
Traversing the Pamir-Alai High mountain range in Tajikistan 17.06.2015
In Search of the Tomb of Songtsang Gompa, Tsetang, Tibet 25.05.2015
Funeral Traditions of Zoroastrians In Iran and India 08.03.2015
In search of the Great Apes-Gorilla, Chimpanzee & Orangutan 25.01.2015
Where the Elephants Rule in the Botswananian Bush 02.11.2014
In the trail of the Persian Empire Darius the Great, Iran 11.10.2014
Crossing the legendary 80th Parallel in the High Arctic 27.09.2014
Trans-Siberian Journeys: The Buryat of Ulan Ude, Siberia 30.03.2014
Kashgar, Crossroads of the Silk Road, Xinjiang, China 23.03.2014
Tracking Chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, Uganda 05.03.2014
With the Maasai People of Tanzania 18.01.2014
Suzdal- A spectacular Russian town in winter's splendor 19.10.2013
My-Son, The Ancient Champa Hindu Kingdom of Vietnam 06.10.2013
Sailing between the Spectacular and the Spiritual in Ireland 21.07.2013
Buddhism arrives from India to China: A Silk Road Journey 21.04.2013
Funerary Customs of the Toraja People, Sulawesi, Indonesia 10.11.2012
Voyage to Antarctica: Seabirds of the Drake Passage 06.10.2012
Deception Island, Antarctic peninsula: A State of Mind 29.09.2012
Embedded in a Balinese Procession to appease the Gods, Bali 12.08.2012
Centerstage in a Balinese Cockfight, Central Highlands, Bali 10.08.2012
Along the Taklimakan Desert to the Turpan Oasis 15.07.2012
Life, Death and Salvation along the Water's Edge: India 08.07.2012
The Funeral Masquerade Dance of the Dogon, Mali 04.07.2012
Citadels of Khorezm, Central Asia : Land of the Aryans 17.06.2012
A Trek deep into Dani Country, Papua 06.09.2011
Reformed "Head-Hunters" of Baliem Valley, Papua, Indonesia 06.09.2011
Nomads of the Sahel Desert of Mali 08.08.2011
Amongst the Tuareg Tribesmen of Timbuktu 20.07.2011
Nuclear thief in Timbuktu: A journey into the Sahara 11.07.2011
Nuclear thief in Timbuktu: A journey to the Sahara 11.07.2011
Travels in Papua in Dani Tribal Lands, Papua, Indonesia 09.07.2011
Reflections on Tibet whilst in Lhasa, Tibet 27.06.2011
Living with the Dani People of Beliem Highlands..... 10.06.2011
Deep inside Yali, Dani and Lani territories, Papua,Indonesia 08.06.2011